THE History of Centerpoint's Theater. 

The Springs Theater opened on July 17, 1970. ABC owned this theater when it opened. In 1975 it was twinned and then in 1979 a third screen was added. Seating was listed at 1,200. ABC was followed by Plitt Theaters in 1978, Cineplex Odeon in 1987 and finally Carmike in 1995.

In July of 1998 the students from Aletheia (the student ministry of Grace Presbyterian Church: Ocala) began praying, asking God to give them the vacant Springs Theater on Silver Springs Boulevard in Ocala.  Their prayer was that God would provide the building to be used as an outreach to their non Christian friends for Christ.  Their desire was for a place where students could come and experience the love and truth of Christ.  Never asking for money, they joined together nightly for more than five months asking God to give them the building.  On November 23, 1998, God miraculously answered their prayers, giving them the building.

They continued to meet at the Springs Theater on Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturday evenings for prayer asking God to work powerfully on their campuses, in their homes, and with their friends.  They prayed that God would bring the students of Marion County to Christ.  They also continued to pray that God would provide for the needed renovation of the building.  On Saturday, February 5th, 2000 Aletheia moved in to the renovated Theater.  That night 375 students from across Marion County were in attendance.

As Aletheia saw many students come to faith in Jesus Christ the desire of leadership was to see these new followers of Christ get involved in a local church.  Under the leadership of Grace Presbyterian Church, CenterPoint began meeting at the Springs Theater in February of 2001.  In July 2001 the leadership of Grace Presbyterian Church decided to “plant” CenterPoint as a separate church.  From July 2001 until November 2003, CenterPoint functioned as a mission under the oversight of the Central Florida Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of America.  With the nomination, training, and examination of elders CenterPoint moved from the status of a mission to a church on November 16, 2003.