What should I wear?  

This is Florida, just wear something comfortable.  You’ll find that people in anything from jeans and sneakers to dresses, and ties.  Just come as you are.  You’ll fit in.  

What will I find at CenterPoint?  

You’ll find people like yourself who are in need of grace from God and support from His People.  We consider ourselves disciples of Jesus who are becoming a loving family.  You will find that the foundational truth that accomplishes this is understanding how much we need Jesus.  We purposely remind ourselves of our vision every month so that we never get away from our desire for Jesus to work in us.  

Do I have to be a Christian to visit CenterPoint?

Not at all.  We encourage people to come who are seeking or have honest questions.  

Will I have to stand up and introduce myself or say something?  

No. You can come and simply observe the service if you'd like.  But we would love the opportunity to meet and get to know you.  That’s why we serve coffee and light refreshments before the service. (We do encourage the use of name tags, but we won’t pressure you to wear one.)  We offer ourselves as a ‘safe place’ where people can grow in their relationship to God.  You’ll find that people linger afterwards because they enjoy being together.  We value ‘Christian Community’ and believe that no one lives the kind of life Jesus taught by themselves.  We need Jesus and we need each other!

What is the worship like?

 Worship is the most important thing that we do as followers of Jesus.  It is an expression of God’s awesomeness and nearness at the same time.  So we use a variety of historic and contemporary creeds, songs and hymns as well as celebrating Communion the first Sunday of every month.  On any given Sunday, you’ll likely hear a band consisting of guitar, bass, keyboard, mandolin, and percussion.  Worship is centered around the Bible, and the morning message usually lasts around 30 minutes with the service lasting 55-65 minutes.   

Do I have to give money or anything?  

During the service, we do receive an offering that goes to support the ministry of CenterPoint.  But there is no pressure, and you won’t be put on the spot.  You will be our guest, and we’re happy to have you come and visit.  

What about my kids?  

Great question!  We provide a nursery for children 0-3 years.  During the worship service there is a special ‘children’s sermon’ to help them understand about Jesus on their level.  After that point in the service, children from age 4 through the 5th grade are excused for ‘Kid-Venture’ where they are taught and cared for until the service is over.  You’ll be glad to know that we require our childcare workers to be appropriately screened and background-checked.  We ask that you register your children before they enter the children’s program because we take their safety seriously.